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Welcome friends and family, to our baby's personal web page. What a different world we live in now where humans who have not yet seen the sunlight already have a URL!
We are very excited to be sharing this time with you and hope to keep everyone in the loop from here on out. On this webpage you will find ultrasound pictures, progression notes, my journal entries as a new mom, etc. You can find out the gender and name of the baby, and generally be in-the-know.
Please fill our guestbook with tips, advice, comments, suggestions, and the like. We look forward to introducing our little one to all of you when we can but until you can meet her in person this long-distance website action may be the next best thing (Once baby is here we hope to post videos as well).
Sincerely yours,
Michael and Marie

Brianna Catherine Ryan

Tuesday, August 02, 2011